Scary Stories Before Breakfast: Getting up Early Was the Best Part of my Day


If you want any advice on how to make yourself feel great, get yourself out of bed early on a morning following a decent bedtime. 

I’m energized– despite the nagging chest congestion that seems not to have gotten the memo that the cold it visited with has left the building– and with enough time to kill to brew some tea and sit at my desk with my pen and my thoughts before class starts, I’m a happy girl. 

I’ve decided that my favourite time to write is in the morning– I’m currently working on a horror short story, and things got positively creepy in my little spinning chair after breakfast. (Nothing like twisted jaunt through the dark corners of the brain to get you up and rolling, eh?) The way things are going, I’ll have it finished and edited by the end of the week. Who knows? If I like it enough, I might submit it to a magazine and see if they’ll publish it. 

I’ll keep you updated. 


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