Massive Projects are Energy Sucking Little Monsters

My goodness, it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about pulling up my blog. I know from some of my last posts, it’s pretty evident that I’ve been working on some super awesome endeavours over the past couple weeks. These projects have allowed me to showcase my writing in ways I didn’t think I could; I’ve grown in quite a few different areas and I must say I’m rather pleased with all of it.

Of course, the novel completely fell by the wayside, which is to be expected when most of your time is spent working on things you’re getting paid for and at the same time getting ready for another year at university– this is very exciting for me; for my wallet and bank account, not so much. I should be picking up the story in earnest again very shortly.

And that is precisely where my problem arises. You see, the job I’d been doing finished three days ago. Before I began, I promised myself that I would return to word document city the second my position ended, and as you can probably tell, I haven’t so much as typed a word since (not counting this blog or “”). Hell, I’ve had issues crawling out of bed; I’m tired and I’m sluggish, and that does awful things to the imagination. Now, I don’t know if that’s because I’ve spent a great deal of time and energy making sure my work was done to the best of my ability, or if I’m just super lazy and don’t want to admit it to myself.

I like to think it’s the former, because even as I type this at seven o’clock my eyes keep drooping on me, but we probably all know that the latter is a more accurate description of my writing life at this particular moment.

And so I’ve decided to use the internet as an accountability partner of sorts. I don’t know if anyone’s reading this and if anyone is, I don’t know how many of you “anybodys” there are. But the fact that I’m announcing this to even one stranger is going to give me the boost I need to get that book up and running again. Especially if that stranger is interested in what I’m doing.

Expect frequent updates, Internet Audience, and if you’ve got advice, for the love of Pete, send it my way. I’m dying over here. I love my work; I always have, but like waking up in the morning, it isn’t the matter of being awake that causes the issue: it’s actually making the effort to get out from underneath the covers that keeps a majority of kids my age incapacitated till nearly noon most days.

I just need the motivation to start. Once I’m there, it’ll take Superman to pull me away from my work.

Or my mother if I’ve left wet clothes in the washer overnight again.

That’d get me up pretty quick.


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