Welcome to the SS Opportunity, AKA My Life

I’m at an interesting crossroads in my writing journey. The novel is coming. I’m happy with it– even though its only the first draft–and I can see it going somewhere if I ever have enough time to finish it. But it isn’t just the fiction-prose aspect of my life that’s going swimmingly, because in just the past two weeks, many other things have gone more than “all right.” Some things, I didn’t even know existed. But I’ll take it.

I’ve got job opportunities. Literal paying job opportunities that allow me to put my skills to work. I mean, at my age, who gets that? It’s like every dream I’ve ever had about making a living out of the shit floating around in my head is coming true in one single summer, just in ways I didn’t expect. My goal of becoming a novelist is still intact; in fact, it’s more solid than ever. But now there are diverse writing projects coming my way that are allowing me to explore areas I didn’t even know I’d do well in. It’s exciting.

I’m running full tilt, and I still can’t see the finish line, but I sure as hell haven’t tripped yet.

Might as well keep the adrenaline flowing and sprint a little longer, huh?


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